In the past couple of years of my life, I have learned more skills than I ever have before. This has been as high school has been coming to a close and increasing pressures have forced many of us, once lazy teenagers, to become hard-working adults.

However, as I have carried out this journey and learned these skills, I have found that one skill stands out much more than the other. This is the ability to have people skills, which defines being able to communicate and cooperate with other people in a positive manner.

The reason that the skill is so important is because it is used in every single aspect of our daily lives, unless, you are a hermit living by yourself in the mountains. Based on looking at the most successful people I have met and the experiences they have had, they all believe that they needed good people skills to get to where they were today. In this blog, I will be exploring how you can learn this skill, and how you will be able utilise it in your daily live, as well as your upcoming future.

People skills are not difficult to learn – we are born with the basic instinct to communicate with the other humans around and we instantly attempt to communicate them in the form of cries. As we grow up, however, it becomes harder as you will find that each person you work and talk to is different in what they want to talk about.

Throughout high school, we often engage in team activities and in these, it is important to show yourself as a strong team member who does not always need to lead, but can work effectively in a team at the same time. All of us are different and it is important to recognise that each of us may hold a different method of using our people skills across a daily basis.

Some of us may be confident in how we are with other people, whilst others may take a more passive and group style approach. However, just holding the basic knowledge of how to hold small conversations with people and offering ideas into team situations is something that will be helpful as you head towards your future.

The world is changing so dramatically, especially in the last few years and as I have explored in other blogs – technology is a key factor that is driving our world forward. This is why I have written this blog, as I want to stress how important it is to maintain the people skills that you have now because whilst technology is bringing us closer together – it also pushing us apart.

Some people spend more time online than they do in the real world and do the majority of their communication via a black screen, instead of speaking with another real human being. Having people skills will give you an advantage over others, and employers are always seeking out those who are different.

Having people skills will also be able to satisfy your mind as humans constantly long for human interaction and it is a basic instinct that we are born with. Without people skills, we are losing one of the key things that make us different from the hundreds of other living species on this planet.

In short, people skills are a skill that humans are born with, but with the new age world – it is becoming easier to simply hide behind screens and not want to face other people. Employers want difference in their workforces and the ability to uphold your people skills is something that will benefit you strongly in your life, no matter where you end up.

I strongly recommend for all people to learn the ability to hold simple conversations and join in on all team activities that you can because it truly will help you become an easier person to work with and therefore, much more hireable in your future career.

Will Cole is a year 13 student with a passion to write and is pursuing a career in journalism. When he’s not at school, he runs the communications for his healthcare business with two friends. See his weekly blog pieces here, where he talks about the journey of a young entrepreneur and New Zealand’s current affairs.




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