Many people think that being busy all the time is a bad thing – you’ve got no time to relax, have fun or do your own thing every now and then. Although this can sometimes be the case, being busy can actually be very fulfilling and exciting.

One of the perks of having a busy after-school and weekend life is that I always have something to look forward to. I’m just as busy outside of school as I am inside of school and it’s honestly great. Extracurricular activities keep me entertained and lively and force me to put my phone down (most of the time). Additionally, my mum doesn’t get the chance to nag and hassle me as much as she would have had I been sitting on the couch all day.

As high school students, our social lives can often be limited to only interacting with people from our tightly knit friend groups. Being involved in lots of different groups and activities can broaden the range of people you communicate with. Being exposed to people of different ages and cultures, all of whom have different talents and interests, can broaden your outlook on life and open your mind to new experiences.

Involvement in range of different schemes and projects has taught me many things. One of the best skills I have gained is independence. Being able to articulate my thoughts and ideas and contribute personal qualities are important life skills that have lots of benefits. Keeping busy is always heightening these skills and makes me feel like a mature, professional adult!

Spending 30 hours at school a week can sometimes be slightly demoralizing. Homework, assessments and boring classes are the perfect recipe to demotivate a student. Commitment to different aspects of life that don’t include the monotonous litany of school is perfect for keeping motivation alive. When you’re busy, competitions, events and new experiences are always bobbing on the horizon, which turns life into the exciting adventure that it should be.

Darcy Herrick is a student in Year 11 and loves music and science. She is a Game of Thrones fanatic and enjoys learning and exploring new things.



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