Shivash Mishra, Year 13

“Each subject has its perks, like in business, you make money, and in PE, you play games. My subjects pretty much revolve around the perks as well as my ability to actually pass them. I may as well have fun this year especially if I don’t need to excel for an easy ride to uni.”

Kahu Ropata, Year 13

“I’m only in school until I can pass level 3, then I’m leaving, so I pretty much took subjects like life skills and retailing which will get me there the quickest (they are the easiest subjects to pass).”

Rhara Prameswari, Year 12

“I’m definitely already thinking about how my subject choice now will affect what I do at university! I don’t want to make the mistake of dropping an area like science then deciding I want to be a scientist, so I’ve got the broadest curriculum this year. Next year, I’ll narrow things down to what I’m serious
and passionate about.”

Macaulay Rogers, Year 13

“If I’m honest, I was hardly going to pass extended calculus or scholarship English; art was more of my forte. This obviously resulting in all five periods of the day being spent in the art department, but stick to what you’re good at, I guess!”

Courtney Millar, Year 13

“I chose subjects that I know I’m good at and would benefit my career path which is definitely going to be in an area of design. I kept English as a universal requirement and the rest of my subjects are graphics and design related.”

Hannah Mckegg, Year 13

“My number one reason for choosing my subjects was the individual credit opportunities. I went for what was initially going to help me later in life and also what will get me the most ‘points’ on my transcript during my applications to different universities, now that they have a new grading system.”

Dalton McAndrew, Year 13

“My teachers from last year were either really keen or the opposite to have me in their class, so at least they were honest and I can focus on what I need to do in each subject.”


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