By definition, minimum wage is the lowest pay an employee must receive in exchange for an hour of work. Governments around the world strictly enforce their minimum wage laws to protect their citizens from unscrupulous employers and create a stable business atmosphere.

Furthermore, experts use the country’s set minimum wage as an indicator of its cost of living and level of life standards. In this article, we came up with a list of nine countries paying the highest minimum wages in the world. Information from

9. Ireland – $22,490

For working a maximum 39 hours every week, an employee in the Republic of Ireland takes home a monthly income of $1,874.

8. Germany – $22,950

Prior to 2015, Germany did not impose a minimum wage but nowadays, Germany’s employees enjoy a decent hourly wage of 8.50 Euros and pocket $1,913 each month for 40.5 hours of work every week.

7. Netherlands – $23,003

Every legal employee in the Netherlands is entitled to a $1,917 monthly income for a 40-hour working week.

6. Belgium – $23,104

If you work in Belgium, the lowest you can make every month for a 38-hour working week is $1,925. If that’s not enough, work for a few more years and you’ll get to enjoy the country’s social benefits.

5. New Zealand – $24,098

Beautiful New Zealand takes the 5th place in our list of countries with the highest minimum wage. Work for 40 hours every week and at the very least, your employer is mandated by law to pay you $2,008 monthly.

4. San Marino – $24,347

You might have not heard of San Marino, a city-state near Italy, but after knowing its minimum wage laws, you won’t forget about it. Work for 37.5 hours a week, the shortest in this list, and you have the right to take home $2,029 per month.

3. Monaco – $26,015

If you are employed in Monaco, you work 39 hours every week and get paid $2,168 each month. Take note, though, only 16 per cent of the working population make minimum wage. Other employees make a lot more than that.

2. Luxembourg – $29,611

Many envy employees who get to work in Luxembourg. They earn $2,468 for a 40-hour working week. Would you complain if you make almost $30,000 per year as a start? We know many who wouldn’t.

1. Australia – $34,358

The land down under tops our list of countries that pay the highest minimum wages. A legal worker in Australia earns $2,863 per month for 38 hours of work every week. The country may be hot, but with these numbers, it sure is cool there.


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