Dictionary.com – This is the handiest thing ever, a dictionary in app form.

Google Drive – With this, forgetting your assignment is never the end of the world. Upload important files to Google Drive and have the ability to access them anywhere! Awesome.

Viber – If you’re studying away from home, Viber is for you. It’s a free text and calling app that makes living away that little bit cheaper.

Duolingo – You’re one of those lucky people who are into languages? Here’s an app that takes you through beginners’ classes of whichever language you choose.

Studious – Get your schedule in order! This will remind you of every lecture (including where and when) along with dates and times homework or assignments are due.

iStudious Lite – Revising at its finest. Create your very own flashcards and notes without having to cart around 500 bits of paper; this is one worth using.

Mathway – Compare your answers with the ones that Mathway comes up with. This is a brilliant way to help you with any maths problem and shows exactly how it was solved.


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