Orientation – events take place over a week at the start of the year to welcome students and enable them to meet new friends.

Dorm – communal living on campus with parties, messy room mates and sometimes stuff too rude to mention.

Lecture – not only something your parents give you when you don’t come home till 2 in the morning, but also where you’ll learn most of what you need to know.

Undergraduate – you while studying.

Postgraduate – you after finishing your course.

Master – you x5, once you’ve graduated from your first uni degree and completed the next level.

Paper – a unit of study. Alternatively, stuff people used to write on before the iPhone.

Library – the place where you hang out, flirt, smash healthy snacks, and sometimes do assignments.

Sleep – as rare as the colossal squid.

Student clubs – a place to meet like-minded souls.

Alumni – people who graduated years ago and loved uni so much they still hang around.

Semester – the boring months between holidays.



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