I am a second-year student at the University of Canterbury. And have survived my fresher year, doing all the normal first year things. I moved out of home into a hall of residence, I decided what classes I loved to study and what I didn’t. I discovered what they mean by you discovering yourself in university (well moving away from home in general) and everything in between. I am here to be relatable and share my personal life stories to hopefully not pull your heartstrings too much. But to put a comedic view on the stress that entails the 3-5 years that you will have ahead of you out of high school if you decide to follow similar footsteps. If you want some funny and relatable content then just keep reading, and look out for any further posts as this is just a little introduction from me.

I am studying a Bachelor of Arts, and I am doing a double Major in Media and Communications and English. But this is actually just a tittle for me, as it is just the number of subjects I am taking. Now I am very unorganised yet organised person. I like to have my life planned out and in year 12 of high school I had a ten-year plan and a five-year plan, and each year I make goals to go towards these two plans. But the organisation is my always being late (to anything from lectures, tests, dates, appointments you name something I need to be on time for and I will 5-15 minutes late depending on traffic. But I got a bit of a shock when it came to assignments, you always say you will start them as soon as the instructions come out, but you never do. And when they are due at midnight, and you reach about 10pm and you still have a paragraph, conclusion, proofreading and references to do you start to question your life a little bit.

And no matter how hard to try you will always leave every assignment to the last minute. But you live and you learn.

Moving into halls was the best thing that I could have done, especially someone moving to a new city who was very shy. It was good to go to a place where I didn’t know anyone so I had ample opportunity to make new friends, and for many of them too, they knew no one too. If you are wanting to meet new people, going to a hall where you know no one is always a good way to go!

I feel like this will give you a bit of an insight of what it is like to be a university student and a little bit about me, but there will be more to come. More life experience that I can pass on, life lessons and tips and tricks also.

We are now heading into term two now, so you are probably already quite well acquainted about the process of considering your university options, some of you already in your first year. If you have any assessments due over the break, I hope you smash them out of the park.

Many thanks for reading of course, Maddy.

Maddison Gourlay is a second-year student at the University of Canterbury, where she studies a double major in Media and Communications, and English. She also writes her own blog called, Diary of A Modern Teenager.

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