For the 2015 Dux of Hastings Boys’ High School, going to university was always part of the plan.

Brady Hanna has just finished his second week at Victoria University where he is studying software engineering.

“I’ve always been setting my sights on going to university,”the 18-year-old said, “I always knew I was definitely going to go to university.”

Like his certainty about higher education, the 18-year-old said studying in Wellington was always on the cards.

“There were a lot of factors leading to wanting to come to Vic,” he said, “it’s good that it’s so close.”

“At Vic we only do computer or electrical engineering. In first year at other universities you do general engineering whereas at Vic we go straight into our major.”

Getting straight into his major was ideal: “I’m confident that is where I want to go later in life.”

Only two weeks into his course, Brady said it was going very well and he was settling in to the uni-lifestyle. “I have about five to six hours of tutorials and lectures a day, and talking to my friends studying other things they seem to have a bit less.

“A lot of the recommended work they want us to do is done in class because it’s very hands-on, so that’s good.”

As well as gaining post-secondary qualifications, Brady was also learning other skills.

“It’s different moving away from home because you’re responsible for everything, you’re going to have to be managing your own money, your own meals.

“It feels like you have a lot more freedom, everything is up to you.

“I’m good at self-managing so it’s okay, but I don’t think it’s as good for other people who need that structure you had at high school.

“It’s a change that had to happen. It’s a transition into your life, no one else is guiding you there.”

As part of his course Brady will also amass 800 paid internship hours, which he hopes will help him get a job after he completes his four-year

By Victoria White

Source: Hawkes Bay Today


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