At college Dave’s favourite subjects were drama, media studies, and outdoor education; he also idolised The Hits presenting duo Polly and Grant and admits he used to sit outside school in his car so he could listen to them.

He enrolled in the New Zealand Radio Training School at Whitireia in Wellington, where he began to visualise himself on billboards and being the “gangster” of radio. During his six-month course three years ago an opportunity arose to do some work experience at The Hits, with none other than Polly and Grant themselves.

His first allocated job at the new workplace was as the interviewer on the humorous segment ‘Drunk Girl Trivia’ and it simply progressed from there. Dave is now one of the better known radio personalities in New Zealand after presenting for just over a year, and can’t see himself doing anything else in the next five years other than perfecting his craft and perhaps dipping his toes into producing, which is now his long-term goal.

“Having to wake up at 4am each day is the one and only negative of this job,” says Dave, “but this is offset by the fact that I arrive at work each day to a fresh coffee waiting. And I get to meet amazing celebrities for a living, so I must be doing something right!” One notable celebrity Dave has met is Ed Sheeran, who he insists is absolutely lovely.

Believe it or not, being a good radio presenter is not all about the voice. Personal traits essential for this job include:

  • a strong sense of humour (it’s good to be funny)
  • an amazing work ethic (getting up at 4am can suck)
  • good time management (juggling many jobs at once)
  • a distinctive personality.

Dave says even if you have a speech impediment, that’s okay because it’s all part of your radio persona. For those wanting to get into radio, he advises: “You’ve got to drink Russian, drive German, eat Italian, and kiss French.”

Wise words.


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