However this is the year when you start to contemplate all of the other opportunities in school that you should be considering especially if you want to become a leader of some sort in Year 13. All of your teachers are telling you that you should take up as many opportunities as you can but this is very difficult in Year 12, I know. You may feel that you know the way the year is going to layout but there is a large amount more work in Year 12 than Year 11.

This is the thing that was most unexpected for me, I knew that the work may get harder but this isn’t necessarily the case instead you are just given a lot more work that takes more time to complete. This leaves not a lot of time to take part in groups and other activities which may help you with trying to get leadership roles next year. Many people aspire to be a leader. They want to feel accomplished and one of the ways to do this is to be a leader at the school.

At the start of this year I was so excited to become a part of all of these groups as well as continuing to put in my best effort at school and playing in the school basketball team. However I was quick to realise that this wasn’t going to work, I was soon running out of lunch times and after school times when I could just relax because this is important. If you are always working and going 100 km/h all of the time, you will burn out.

This was starting to happen to me; I was losing focus and not feeling like I was enjoying anything anymore. I didn’t want to be joining groups that I didn’t enjoy just to maybe become a leader next year. I know that all of these opportunities are exciting because you don’t get these options in Year 11 but you should be choosing groups and activities that you actually enjoy so you don’t feel like you have to go to them and you aren’t wasting your time at something you don’t even enjoy.

When I realised that I was no longer enjoying all of these activities I had got myself involved in I had to take a long, hard look at all of them and make an executive decision about what I really enjoyed and which ones I wanted to be involved in. I recommend this for anyone who is going into Year 11 or is in Year 12 or even Year 13 and find themselves in this position. Think about all of the options that you are being offered and decide which ones really interest you and you want to honestly be a part of because otherwise you won’t be having any fun.

There is already so much stress that we have to deal with being in Year 12 you don’t want to be feeling this from the groups and activities you signed up for. Make decisions that are going to make you happy and that aren’t going to feel like a chore just because you want to be a leader next year. The teachers aren’t going to want someone who is over committed and not doing a good job in any of the commitments that you are a part of.

Join the groups that are truly interesting for you and then make the best contribution you can to this group(s). Remember though that school is more important than any group or activity you join and this should be your main focus and have fun!



Nicole Ashby Pic 2Author: Nicole Ashby

Nicole Ashby is currently a Year 12 student at Ellesmere College in Leeston, New Zealand. She has always had an interest in writing in classes at school and in her free time. She enjoys writing about things that matter to people her age that they may not know much about or they want to broaden their knowledge on a certain subject. Nicole enjoys writing about things that matter to her and things that she thinks more people should be aware about. When she was 12 she was one of 5 who won a writing competition in Creme magazine about her experience in the earthquakes. She has written pieces for her local newsletter, The Ellesmere Echo, about school events and this year she has taken on the task of being the editor of her school magazine. She also has an interest for design and creating magazine covers and spreads. Nicole looks forward to expanding her writing and creating pieces for people to enjoy.


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