After trying his hand at lots of different sports, Eddie started cycling at age 11 and decided to focus on track cycling as his future career path. He progressed through the regional ranks, to national and then to the world stage, and now he has a few special titles under his belt – Commonwealth Games medallist, World medallist, World Champion, and Olympian.

While training is an extremely important part of being successful in his chosen discipline, Eddie has found out that his study at SIT has allowed him to go one step further.

“It’s a great way to further your knowledge of how your body works and how to get the most out of it. It gives you the upper hand in developing your skill in your chosen sport.

“My course has given me technical knowledge of how to improve my cycling ability through understanding biomechanics and physiology.”

Balancing his days between study and training sessions in the velodrome and gym, Eddie has to have good time management skills to complete everything that is required for both his professional career as an athlete and as a student at SIT. But that’s okay because he thoroughly enjoys the practical, hands-on aspects of the degree – especially the labs and assessments that relate directly to his chosen sport. Eddie is also motivated by the opportunities that his career gives him.

“I like travelling the world and pushing the limits of my cycling ability, all while achieving on the world stage.”

For those on the path of a professional sport, Eddie has one piece of advice for motivation to keep on pushing through when times get tough.

“I have found that you often learn more from your defeats than you do from your victories.”


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