How to budget – study allowance and part-time work will only get you so far. Learn to live within your means. It might shock you, but it’s an important life lesson.

How to cook cheap and healthy meals – refer to our stories on meal prep.

Tenancy rules – knowledge of your rights and responsibilities will make living away from home less stressful.

How to navigate the city – learn the bus or train system and the best cycle lanes (if they exist) to your institution or workplace.

How to unclog a sink – kitchen sinks can be a nightmare. Oh, and girls are 100 per cent lying if they say their hair never falls out, particularly in the shower!

How to sew – important if you want your clothes to last!

How to do your own laundry – bringing bundles of clothes home is only cute the first few times. Learn the strange metaphysics of the washing machine and iron.


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