Suicide Squad is a DC Cinematic Universe and Warner Brothers movie. It is about a team of villains named Deadshot, Harley Quinn, El Diablo, Captain Boomerang and Killer Croc, getting brought together, one would say manipulated and forced into a team, by the government to take down a threat of two powerful entities attempting to destroy mankind. In this movie you can expect to see extreme amount of chaos because if there’s one trait that all villains have its destruction and murder.

I would give this movie a 7 out 10 stars. As a major fan of DC, I shamelessly enjoyed seeing some of my favourite villains on screen, all of them portrayed by fabulous actors. However, other reviewers would not agree with me. A constant complaint I saw about this movie was that there was apparently “no plot”.

I thought the plot was very easy to follow; the government are dealing with an inhuman threat, Enchantress and Incubus, both of which dabble in the works of magic. Enchantress becomes possessed by anger at the knowledge of humans not putting their faith in magic anymore, so she devises a plan to eliminate mankind.

Amanda Waller, U.S Intelligence Officer, believes that gathering a team of criminals and threatening their most cherished and their lives would be a great way to deal with the threat. Thus the Suicide Squad was born, however Amanda Waller keeps them out of the knowledge of what they are actually going to be up against.

Aside from being an all in all enjoyable movie, there were some characters that stood out to me. One being Harley Quinn, being one of my long-time favourite villains, I was very happy for how Harley was portrayed. Aside from the over romanticised relationship between her and the Joker, I enjoyed every second of her scenes. She was exactly the Harley Quinn I knew, extremely crazy and hyperactive.

If there is one thing I would change about her storyline, it would be the relationship with the Joker as in the comics their relationship is actually quite abusive and in this movie they make it seem more innocent than it actually is. I disagreed with it so much, especially since now a lot of people are calling Harley Quinn and the Joker “relationship goals” which is actually quite terrifying.

Another character that I felt a lot of emotions for was El Diablo. El Diablo is a villain with the power of fire, now a lot of people would find the power of fire great, but for El Diablo, it was also his curse. In Diablo’s backstory it shows him getting angry and accidentally setting his house on fire, thus killing his wife and children. This haunts El Diablo to this day, influencing him to not approving of his forced entry into the Suicide Squad.

Through the progress of the movie, you see Deadshot irritate and anger El Diablo until he finally has enough and uses his powers to kill off some of their enemy. In the end, El Diablo uses his power to form himself into a giant skeleton covered in fire to defeat Incubus, succeeding but sadly dying in the process. One of the few things I didn’t like about the movie was his death.

I will admit, a few things could have been improved about this movie, but all in all I enjoyed it and I would go see it again. If you are thinking about seeing this movie, I recommend going in with open eyes and mind.


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