It has come to my awareness that a new “trend” has been going around where it is deemed “cool” to say “I wanna kill myself”. This leads to extreme worry from me because are people taking suicide seriously still? Or has it just become a new trendy joke?

One of my worries is what if someone is saying it as a cry for help? Imagine someone going about their day as usual however they are currently suffering from suicidal thoughts and severe depression. They are currently doing some type of task but then it all comes crashing down on them, the depression has fogged up their focus and the suicidal thoughts are making their way to the front of their head. And then they hear someone say to them “Oh man i wanna kill myself” and their reply is “Same” or “Me too”. This can easily be interpreted as “joining the trend” but really it could be the person’s cry for help.

Or it could go the other way around. The person could say “I wanna kill myself” as a confession to someone and then someone else misinterprets it and says “Haha same!” This trend could just be the one that makes people think their suicidal thoughts are not important or just a joke.

Another worry of mine is that what if this is the trend that leads up to actually causing suicides? It’s no secret that our world is quite mucked up as of late, so it isn’t quite a surprise that most people are done with it all. But this trend could just be the influence people need to end up taking their own life, which would be quite tragic.

I am not gonna lie, I am also guilty of joining this “trend”. But when I sat down to actually think about it I realised something; what if people are confusing their reality with this joke. Is the statement “I wanna kill myself” truly relatable to them, or are they just joining the fun? We can never know as it all depends on that person’s mind and you can never truly know what someone is thinking.

I want you to ask yourself this, if you join in on this trend, is your statement or reply to the statement serious or just a bit of fun? If it is serious, I do strongly suggest talking to someone about your feelings, never be afraid to seek out help.



Albion Haines 2Author: Albion Haines

My name is Albion Haines, I am a 16 year old transgender male who is studying NCEA level 2 at the wonderful tertiary school, Capital Training. I really enjoy writing fictional stories, the creativeness I can throw into them is so much fun and I have so many ideas for short stories and possible books. I specifically like writing the genres Sci-fi, Crime and Gay Literature. Lately however I have been trying my hand at writing news reports of current world wide events and movie/tv show reviews. I am quite invested in the LGBTQ+ community as I am a gay transmale who wants to inspire others to not fear being who they are. I love learning about who people are and how they got through the struggles of being apart of this community. It’s refreshing to know I’m not the only one who struggled, as bad as they may sound. Last but not least, I really love animals! I have a 2 year old black and white fluffy cat named Loki who I adore so much. I cherish animals to the point where I could possibly enjoy their company more than some human beings.


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