Scott works for Christchurch company Bradley Nuttall Limited: Financial Advisors – an organisation that specialises in investment management services and risk management.

But those things weren’t on Scott’s mind when he enrolled in university.

“My studies took me in the direction of maths and economics because that’s what I enjoyed and what made sense to me,” he remembered.

Scott completed a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and said he “almost stumbled” into the world of financial advice.

“I thought it would suit my studies. I found out it suited me.”

Scott also went on to complete a Graduate Diploma in Business Studies Endorsed in Personal Financial Planning to be eligible for his role as an adviser at Bradley Nuttall Limited.

Now that he has found an affinity with financial advice, Scott likens his love of the role to how his parents went about building their own home.

“They didn’t do it all by themselves; they had help. One of the things I remember about that house is how much it meant to everybody to help and be helped, and how good that made everyone feel.

“I’ve always wanted to do that, to help, because I know how much of a difference that can make in peoples’ lives. Giving good financial advice helps me make a real difference in my clients’ lives and that makes me feel fantastic.”

Average pay

  • Financial advisers with one to three years’ experience may earn $40k–$60k per year.
  • Financial advisers with more than seven years’ experience may earn $80k–$110k per year.

(Source: ‘Hays Salary Guide’, 2011)



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