The students have set up raffles, bake sales and petitions for Amnesty International’s Ignite Minds, Not Bombs! campaign. Amnesty International reports that children’s access to education in Yemen is being destroyed by the bombing of schools, and that school buildings are being taken over by fighters. More than a third of children have been unable to go to school since the bombing began in March 2015.

Year 11 student Madison Walsh said she is astonished that things like that could happen to innocent children.

“It’s inhumane for children, who are just trying to learn, to have to go through this,” Miss Walsh said.

She said the group’s main focus is to raise awareness and any funds they can, but they are also lobbying against UK and USA governments to stop selling bombs.

Learning about the issue in Yemen has made her realise how lucky they were in New Zealand.

“The worst thing that could happen to us is being told off by a teacher. We don’t ever have to worry about bombs.”

Head of Social Sciences Faculty Kathy Grey said the students have shown a real empathy and understanding of the issue.

“I hope the understanding students gain about human rights will enable them to develop into compassionate adults who will care for those around them and continue to stand up for injustices,” she said.

Source: Wanganui Chronicle


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