As you grow up you slowly develop a comfort zone that consists of the things that you are happy and comfortable with doing and then there are the things that you say to yourself that you will never do. I definitely have a few things on my outside of my comfort zone list that I never want to do but the thing with lists like this is that sometimes you just need to embrace them and step out of your safe and secure comfort zone.

Believe me when you finally step out of your comfort zone for the first time you will realise how exhilarating it is to be able to say that you did something you never thought you would do.

There is a different feeling of achievement when you complete something you thought you would never do to something you have worked on for ages. Obviously there is going to be a sense of achievement felt for both things but when you step out of your comfort zone and achieve something you are overwhelmed with the sense of achievement and adrenaline because it is something you thought you would never do.

These things can be anything they don’t have to be massive like bungy jumping or skydiving. It could be small things like talking to somebody new or joining a new club that you have always been interested in but have been scared to join. The small things that you have told yourself over and over that you can’t do usually end up bringing you so much happiness and you wonder why you didn’t step out of your comfort zone earlier and do them.

The key to stepping out of your comfort zone is to start small. Start with the small things that you really want to do but are worried about stepping out of your comfort zone for and then once you have conquered these you can move onto the bigger things that seem impossible at the beginning but once completing some of the small things don’t seem as daunting anymore.

Although I have said that everyone should step out of their comfort zone, it isn’t for everyone. I recommend trying it and again starting with something small but sometimes your comfort zone is a good thing. If there are some things that you are being pressured into or all of your friends are doing it and you know that you wouldn’t be comfortable doing it, know that you don’t have to do it. You don’t have to do those things to be seen as being ‘cool’ or like you are invincible.

If you are honestly uncomfortable with something embrace that and embrace that you know your boundaries and are comfortable in yourself. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is a good thing but it does come with boundaries. Make sure you are stepping outside of your comfort zone for the right reasons and the reasons that make you happy not everybody else.



Nicole Ashby Pic 2Author: Nicole Ashby

Nicole Ashby is currently a Year 12 student at Ellesmere College in Leeston, New Zealand. She has always had an interest in writing in classes at school and in her free time. She enjoys writing about things that matter to people her age that they may not know much about or they want to broaden their knowledge on a certain subject. Nicole enjoys writing about things that matter to her and things that she thinks more people should be aware about. When she was 12 she was one of 5 who won a writing competition in Creme magazine about her experience in the earthquakes. She has written pieces for her local newsletter, The Ellesmere Echo, about school events and this year she has taken on the task of being the editor of her school magazine. She also has an interest for design and creating magazine covers and spreads. Nicole looks forward to expanding her writing and creating pieces for people to enjoy.


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