This is an example of what to put on your CV. If you lack job experience, focus on your skills gained through study and volunteer work, like Joe. Remember, volunteer work is an excellent way to gain experience, and it shows how keen you are.

Joe Stanley

Personal Details

123 Main Road

Tel: (03) 123 4567


Skills and abilities

  1. Communication skills
    As a volunteer at a primary school in Japan, I taught children to speak English. I coordinated communication between the school and its affiliate in New Zealand (I am also fluent in Japanese).
  2. Organisation
    As an assistant, this is a key attribute, along with punctuality and efficiency.
  3. Multitasking
    In the past I have been required to work on various things at once while still meeting clear deadlines for each project. This is something I learnt while working as an assistant at a law firm.

Work Experience

  1. Law Firm Assistant – 2015
    My duties include drawing up cases for the associates, spreadsheeting in Microsoft Excel, making notes, answering the phone, and writing confidential reports.
  1. Supermarket Checkout Operator – 2007 to 2010
    My duties included customer service, operating a checkout, stacking shelves and sorting incoming stock.

Volunteer Experience

English language teacher in Japan – 2013


  1. Bachelor of Arts, University of Christchurch – 2012
  2. NCEA Level 3, Christchurch High School (Endorsed Merit) – 2009



Pierre Montreux – Director, The Law Firm

Tel: (03) 123 4567 or Mobile: 123 456 789.


Sam White – Manager, The Supermarket

Tel: (03) 123 4567

Happy job hunting!


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