“I’m getting my own clients, so I’ll do colours, cuts, and blow waves. There are also the day-to-day jobs that are part of the apprentice’s jobs, like cleaning and assisting the seniors –which is still cool because by assisting the seniors, you can learn a lot.”

Unlike many other apprentices, she gained experience in the workforce before trying her hand as an apprentice hairdresser.

“I actually had a job before I started this apprenticeship, but I thought working at Cathy Davys would be a good opportunity.

“When I was in my teenage years, being in hairdressing and beauty was the thing I wanted to do the most.”

Philly’s tip for school leavers is to test the waters before committing.

“Get some work experience, but when you do it, remember you will work your way up, so you won’t be stuck doing your work experience tasks for the rest of your career. It’s a good insight into the job.”

While the salary for hairdressing is in the low to medium range, the benefits of the job are immediate for people people.

“It is really cool when you do the best you can with a client and make them feel a million bucks. It is nice to be that person (providing good customer service), and you get to know a lot of different people.”

Philly and her colleagues were recently training for the Worldskills competition, where they had the opportunity to flex their creative muscles.

“We have been doing heaps of practice on mannequins, practising colouring, blow waving, and cutting. It’s quite an artistic competition, not everyday hairdressing.”

“I quite enjoy blow waving and doing hair up. I’ve just finished my ‘hair up’ unit at tech, and I enjoy doing it – they’re like little works of art when I’m done.”

Average pay

  • Hairdressers (or barbers) usually earn $29k–$50k per year.

(Source: HITO)



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