My Future Rocks helped Brandon Pirini get his apprenticeship as an electrician.

“It’s good that they can help you get to the bigger industries if you’re too scared or nervous to meet the big guys and ask them for a placement. They’re always talking to you, helping you out, telling you things that you could be doing, to update your CV if it isn’t up to date. Tips like that, those little things that just really help you.”

Ex-Aucklander and My Future Rocks founder Bruce Howat says the regions punch above their weight.

“If in Auckland the benchmark for young people was high, the benchmark is higher in Rotorua. I’ve been so impressed by their quality, their excitement at the opportunity and their craving to prove themselves.”

Mr Howat says they work with top employers and Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology, which provides prospective employees who have completed training.

“I’m also a former policeman, and I see this as the best crime prevention system you can ever get.

Find young people employment that has meaning to them and they just don’t get into trouble.”

The scheme will work with anybody who needs support, but the focus is on helping Maori apprentices into the workforce.

Mr Howat says he’s proof – anyone can turn their fortunes around

“I didn’t do very well at school. I was a school dropout. The irony is I’ve now got to master’s level at University and have a number of funny little letters after my name.”

Chantelle Osborne-Galvin is one of the newest recruits.

“I have a background in tourism and hospitality. One day I just woke up and decided I wanted to try something different, more hands on, not in an office. Ever since then I have really loved it.”

Miss Osborne-Galvin says it’s awesome to know the scheme is supporting her every step of the way.




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