They all become paladins (pilots) of flying robotic lions that each come together to make Voltron, a massive robot with only one mission, protect the galaxy. Their main enemy are the Galra Empire, led by fierce villain Zarkon. Zarkon is out to capture all of the Voltron lions for himself; this is influenced by his knowledge that Voltron is the only thing in the galaxy that can defeat him.

I really enjoyed Voltron: Legendary Defender because of its sense of adventure and humorous atmosphere. The characters, despite desperately wanting to go home to earth, are eager to save people around the galaxy against the Galra Empire. Their team atmosphere is one of trust and humour, always making snarky and sassy comments towards each other, but when everything gets difficult they know they can count on each other.

A character that really spoke out to me was Shiro (Aka Takashi Shirogane). Shiro was a year previously capture by the Galra Empire where they proceeded to cut of his arm and replace with a weaponised prosthetic arm.

Shiro showed much courage when fighting the Galra, even when in his eyes you could tell he was scared for himself and his team. He wasn’t afraid to lead his new team when asked even after what he went through. He showed that no matter what bad comes at you, no matter what tries to beat you down, always stay strong, fight back and never stop believing in yourself, because in the end you will win.

Voltron: Legendary Defender is action packed and hilarious and full of relatable characters. I would recommend this magnificent TV series to anyone looking for a good adventure, a hilarious team and epic battles between humans and aliens.



Albion Haines 2Author: Albion Haines

My name is Albion Haines, I am a 16 year old transgender male who is studying NCEA level 2 at the wonderful tertiary school, Capital Training. I really enjoy writing fictional stories, the creativeness I can throw into them is so much fun and I have so many ideas for short stories and possible books. I specifically like writing the genres Sci-fi, Crime and Gay Literature. Lately however I have been trying my hand at writing news reports of current world wide events and movie/tv show reviews. I am quite invested in the LGBTQ+ community as I am a gay transmale who wants to inspire others to not fear being who they are. I love learning about who people are and how they got through the struggles of being apart of this community. It’s refreshing to know I’m not the only one who struggled, as bad as they may sound. Last but not least, I really love animals! I have a 2 year old black and white fluffy cat named Loki who I adore so much. I cherish animals to the point where I could possibly enjoy their company more than some human beings.


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