The social side

Today’s employers will likely scope you out on social media before hiring you, so dedicate some time to your social media activity. You don’t need to be an advanced professional to join online forums, blogs and groups – you just need an opinion and an interest. 

For example, if you want a career in fashion, a Pinterest or Instagram account with your own designs and inspirations could show your commitment.

Put your blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Google+ addresses on your CV in your ‘contact details’ area under something along the lines of ‘Industry profile’. 

This is where you can mention the groups or industry blogs in which you are active, plus your membership of professional bodies, and show that you’re up to date with current trends and debates. 

Only include Facebook, personal Twitter or Instagram if they show you in a good light. If there’s a lot of social chatter and pics, don’t bother putting these on your CV. But at the same time, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through – add your hobbies and sporting and leisure interests away from social media as well.

It’s all about establishing you as someone with an opinion in the sector where you want to make your mark. 

CV glamour is in!

JETmag and other guides can suggest what you put in your CV, but there’s not a lot of guidance around on what your CV should look like.

Check out the awesome CVs on to see what’s available for a very reasonable price. There are also lots of websites out there that will help you create a do-it-yourself CV for free. Making yourself memorable with a gorgeous CV is a good way to get yourself in front of an employer.

And NO typos!

The number one reason employers say they bin CVs without even finishing them is when they come across typos. Check, check and recheck your text, then get someone else to check it for you.


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