“When my current employer is looking for new employees, they look for appropriate qualifications within the industry – usually international certifications or diplomas/degrees from New Zealand institutes.”

While studying for his diploma, Daniel was also placed within a business environment for a month of full-time work experience, which allowed him to see how the industry really operates in his chosen field and how he would end up applying the skills learnt. Daniel was also pleased that his diploma included studying for international qualifications, so upon graduating, he was very well set up to begin employment within the industry.

Currently working as a service desk analyst, Daniel finds that many of the things he learnt at Computer Power are used within the industry and are very relevant. Windows clients and server operating systems, and their applications, are used day in and day out and all of the study he completed while going for the diploma has been utilised to some extent. Although, along with the technical side of things, Daniel thinks a good foundation of customer service is also as important to ensure positive and efficient service delivery to the clients.

As his first full-time position out of school, Daniel admits he had many anxieties about joining the work force and the IT industry in particular – apprehensive about the levels of satisfaction he would have.

“This is because in theory the job sounds quite repetitive, boring, or stressful, with data that must be gathered from each client and tight statistics to meet each month. However, once working within the role and being integrated in the team, my worries about this dissipated as the people I work with are great and the clients we support are also wonderful people.”

Enjoying the freedom to work independently on issues that arise within his daily duties, Daniel values having people available to assist and mentor him. He says these two factors combined allow for an enjoyable working environment, especially when it comes to professional growth.

“This is a great company and there are many opportunities that branch off from having this as my foundation work experience. I get to interact and gain an understanding of a wide range of teams operating throughout multiple companies and this knowledge is invaluable when it comes to considering my future.”


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