It was the advertisement that captured the Kiwi attitude in 45 seconds back in 2008.

From the DIY attitude to the dig at the token Aussie, Jonesy, it was all there.

But whatever happened to the cute little trio?

Since the ad is almost 10 years old now, it’s no surprise that they’ve all grown up quite a bit!

The little dude who’s putting up the retaining wall is Reuben Powell, and he hasn’t done very much on the acting front ever since his appearance in the ad.

The other two have carried on with their acting careers and online presence.

Benjamin Counsell, the one who encourages Reuben to build the wall himself has a Youtube vlogging channel, and is on as an actor.

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Considering he was only four years old when he starred in the ad, a 300 subscriber Youtube channel isn’t a bad effort at all.

‘Jonesy’ or Phoenix Flack has also kept up his acting.

The 12-year-old who resides in Rotorua has been featured in a couple of ads since the Mitre 10 one, a yoghurt ad and one for Sony.

Apparently, his early acting career has helped him, but he is rarely recognised these days as the kid from the Mitre 10 ad.

Source: ZM Online


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