Insomnia – the disorder of not being able to sleep.

A surprising amount of people suffer from Insomnia, and a lot of them have no idea how to fix it, or at least have a temporary relief to it until that relief suddenly stops working. I myself suffer from insomnia, there have been countless nights where you just lie in bed staring at the roof and you can feel you’re tired but you simply have the inability to fall asleep.

However, even if there isn’t a permanent solution to insomnia, there are many temporary ones. Here are some that may just work for you if you have insomnia.

Orchestral/Instrumental Music

One remedy that I myself found very effective was listening to orchestral/instrumental music. The softness of the music can help relax your body and mind to the point of falling asleep in no time. Some artists I listened to were Brunuhville, Lindsey Stirling and Enya.


Star-Gazing has no doubt helped me and a friend of mine fall straight to sleep, the stars have that freeing and limitless vibe, making it easier to relax enough to fall asleep. If not the stars, then the night time fresh air could help relax your body enough to sleep.

Late Night Walks

Late night walks are also a good relief as the exercise can get you tired and the fresh air can chill your body down to relax. However please do take safety measures before going out on these walks.

Sleeping Medication

Now this one doesn’t work for everybody, so don’t get your hopes up with sleep medication. It’s also good to keep in mind that you can’t be on them forever. They are mostly there to help get your sleeping rhythm back in order, to which it is very helpful.


The oldest trick in the book, reading is quite a good remedy. There have been countless times where I’ve fallen asleep from reading a story. I guess that’s the magic of books for you.

Nature Sounds

There’s nothing better than falling asleep to the sounds of the ocean crashing against rocks or wind rustling the leaves on a tree. I personally love falling asleep to the sound of rain and thunderstorms. I strongly suggest this method.

Insomnia is terrible, especially if you have a long day ahead of you. However, there is a temporary relief out there for everyone, and who knows, it may just actually a permanent relief for you.



Albion Haines 2Author: Albion Haines

My name is Albion Haines, I am a 16 year old transgender male who is studying NCEA level 2 at the wonderful tertiary school, Capital Training. I really enjoy writing fictional stories, the creativeness I can throw into them is so much fun and I have so many ideas for short stories and possible books. I specifically like writing the genres Sci-fi, Crime and Gay Literature. Lately however I have been trying my hand at writing news reports of current world wide events and movie/tv show reviews. I am quite invested in the LGBTQ+ community as I am a gay transmale who wants to inspire others to not fear being who they are. I love learning about who people are and how they got through the struggles of being apart of this community. It’s refreshing to know I’m not the only one who struggled, as bad as they may sound. Last but not least, I really love animals! I have a 2 year old black and white fluffy cat named Loki who I adore so much. I cherish animals to the point where I could possibly enjoy their company more than some human beings.


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