Alex Wood passed up university to take on an electrical apprenticeship with Lochore Electrical in Hamilton. “Schools don’t tell you about all the options for career development. University is pushed at you but alternatives like apprenticeships aren’t. “I’m doing the same stuff I would at uni, but I’m getting work experience along the way and I’m getting to make money instead of racking up a student loan.”

Alex Wood

Alex stumbled into electronics after a selecting the class randomly – but says it ended up being his favourite subject.

“We had a school project where I created a two player remote controlled game from six components. It was a great challenge, I had so much fun and just knew this was something I could do as a career,” he says. However, his apprenticeship wasn’t exactly the way he thought it was going to be. “I thought I’d be jumping straight into programming machinery but I realise now I needed to work my way up to that. My training programme is set up so I get a really good base of learning and this has helped build up my confidence in my work.

“I started out so nervous and made mistakes but now a year and half into the apprenticeship I travel all over the country doing different jobs,” he says. Alex enjoys having a new work challenge every day and shows determination to become the best in his career and personal life. “I’ve always been really sports oriented but during school I had a serious injury so I was forced to pick one sport and I have stuck with javelin,” he says.

As a member of the New Zealand Throwing Academy, Alex competes internationally in his speciality of javelin. “I’m working towards getting into the Diamond League which is where the world’s best come compete annually. “Travelling for my job makes training hard sometimes but I make it work and I love the variety of my days,” says Alex.

I want to keep pushing my career forward and learn more about process control, computer programming and programming large machinery – which is my passion. I also to want go pro with my javelin. “I think it’s awesome I’m able to have a great career, and still do the things I love in my down time.

“Taking on a trade was the best thing I could have done.”

Source: Skills.Org


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