So what is the best thing to do with your holidays? How can you make them considerably more exciting, and even make them feel more rewarding because, let’s face it, I hate looking back at them and seeing my biggest achievement as a binge of gaming.

So get out there, into the big wide world and get yourself a job! What? A job? It does sound a little insane for most, but anyone who’s older than 14 should really start considering it. A year ago, I, by complete chance, became interested in one, did some talking and a year later I’m happier than I could ever be working in retail.

And although media and movies pump into us that working is boring, annoying and a general waste of time, there’s certain key things to remember when you’re on the hunt that will stop this from happening!

Firstly, you need to find something you’ll enjoy! If you’re a nervous and quiet person who just keeps to themselves, then I would urge you away from retail where interacting with people determines your success! However, if you’re someone who loves the outdoors and getting their hands dirty, then go for a job in the construction or building area! It only makes sense to be looking for a job that you would enjoy on a day to day basis. Otherwise, you’ll begin viewing holidays and working as a punishment.

The benefits of a job are considerable as well. Just think for a minute, most of us have something considerably valuable to ourselves. A smart phone, laptop maybe or even a Playstation. But just think, who paid for that? If it’s Mum or Dad, then  it really is time to consider a job. Within months of casual work I can almost guarantee you would have saved enough money to buy most things. And in case you didn’t realize, it’s far nicer to buy something that you’ve worked hard for over the last few months or weeks then just being handed it when you want it.

Most jobs will also involve you working with a team to bring something together. The skills you will gain from this are undeniably valuable for the future. Just interacting with people who aren’t in their teens will teach you a greater form of respect and I’m sure you’ll make some friends along the way!

So break away from that silly little movie stereotype which tells us that work is boring, annoying and the beginning of the end of your life! In reality, working is highly beneficial and will set you on a far more mature and respectable path when you leave school. Also, it’ll get rid of those boring days of holidays! My last advice would be if you don’t want to get a job, at least do some study!



Steven Walton PhotoAuthor: Steven Walton

Steven Walton is a 16 year old student currently attending St Andrews College in Christchurch, New Zealand. He was brought up with two older brothers and his big passions are sports (especially motorsport), people and writing. He runs his own motorsport blog, Green Flag F1 ( and is aspiring to be a journalist when he is older.


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