After a few weeks back in study, you may be feeling that you’ve made a mistake. Should you change subjects? Leave and get a job? Help!

Many people feel this in their teens and early twenties, which is why we’ve developed a tool, Career Checker, designed to help you.

Uneasy feelings are there to help you

Uneasy feelings that you may be on the wrong path are like a warning light on your dashboard. Career Checker allows you to have a look under the bonnet and see what needs adjusting or fine-tuning.

You might just need to readjust to study after a break working, or playing. But if it’s more serious, early in the year is a great time for a check-up because it may not be too late to change direction for this year.

Indecision is a thing

Indecision can be a powerful tool if you use it right. If you’re willing to examine where you’re going in life and be flexible about making changes, rather than being locked into a path that may no longer be right, you’re set up to take advantage of opportunities that come along. This is called “planned happenstance” and it’s actually part of Krumboltz’s career theory.

Teens and twenties are for getting to know yourself and finding a right path

Feeling uneasy is a sign that you may need to change direction, so – feel good about being open to exploring a better possibility. This idea is acknowledged in Super’s career theory. People aged 15 to 24 are in the exploration stage – trying out different courses, work and hobbies, and learning more about themselves.




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