For the fifth consecutive year, Whittaker’s has been announced New Zealand’s most trusted brand in an annual survey commissioned by Reader’s Digest.

Not only was Whittaker’s the number one brand across all categories surveyed, but the brand also won the confectionery category and was voted most iconic NZ brand.

The results come, not from a reader poll, but an independent, commissioned survey.

Those surveyed were asked what factors influence them to place their trust in a brand. High reputation, great customer service, reliable and cost effective, quality and innovative, promise keepers, consistent and durable (stood the test of time) were the answers.

New Zealand’s top 10 trusted brands

1. Whittaker’s

2. Samsung

3. Dettol

4. Panasonic

5. Toyota

6. Dilmah

7. Sony

8. Huntley & Palmers

9. Air NZ

10. Tip Top Icecream



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