Now a 42-year-old business owner in Christchurch, Adele recalls her 14 non-stop years as a model, which began when she was 17. Adele has featured in Ezibuy and Kimberly catalogues, Woman’s Day magazine and countless overseas editorials, commercials and catalogues.

It all started when Adele enrolled in a one night a week course at Exposure Agency in Christchurch after being asked to by the owner, who had seen potential in her. This is where she was trained on the industry essentials, such as make-up, catwalk, skincare, deportment, how to appear in front of a camera, and overall presence.

Generally an international contract for Adele was around three months for any one job. Where the work was is where she’d go, which if you love stability and consistency, probably isn’t for you. However, if you love travel and adventure and meeting new and talented people, this might just be for you. Adele has worked in various places around the globe, including-full time stints in both Melbourne and Sydney. Most of her work, however, was New Zealand-based as there was a huge market for photographic models at that time.

The pros of having a career in modelling seem endless – travel, socialising, lifestyle; models seem to have it all. However, like anything, the job comes with cons. The way campaigns are shot generally occurs backwards – for example, the summer season is shot in winter and vice versa – meaning many of the models you see posing in the water on the beach are absolutely freezing, because it’s winter while they’re shooting! The work is very seasonal – one season you could be inundated with work because you have the right look, and the next you only have one or two jobs because there are other, more suitable models for that season’s ‘look’. While the industry can be very competitive, a little healthy competition never hurt anyone when they’re doing what they love!

Adele is now the co-owner of Waimak Bottled Water and lives a quiet, idyllic lifestyle in Methven. Of course, she is still as gorgeous as ever. Remember, you don’t have to be Miranda Kerr or Gigi Hadid (or even a woman!) to model; there are countless ways to be in the industry. Do you have amazing hair? Hands? Feet? You might just have the next great look.


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