Didn’t get the NCEA credits?

  • Check your exam papers. Did you miss by just a few credits? Have your NCEA results reviewed with NZQA.
  • No excuse, you just mucked up? It may not be too late to make up your NCEA credits. NZQA may accept NCEA results up to 28 February. Contact your school as possible to see if you can do more work and earn some credits.
  • You could also earn credits through Te Kura – the Correspondence School of New Zealand. You will have to delay your uni study until you get the credits.
  • If this doesn’t work, consider doing a university preparation course or a national certificate in your chosen field. This may give you the credits you need to enter the course you want next time.

You didn’t get picked?

Getting into tertiary study is like being picked for teams sports in the gym. People get picked last and some miss out. Talk to the course provider – is there a waiting list? In the meantime, look for another course provider.
If you can, try another institution. You could always try to transfer into your chosen course provider later on.

Time for a rethink

Maybe it was too much to ask to get into first year med with only ‘Achieved’ grades. That’s not the end of your health career, though! Explore a bit and find some jobs that you can get into – and are enjoyable. Look at some of the inspiring people profiled in this mag, complete the quiz on page 8, or check out the Careers New Zealand jobs database: www.careers.govt.nz/jobs

If all else fails, why not take a gap year and work or travel. You’ll get money towards future study and find out what kind of work you enjoy. There is nothing like having to clean up pub toilets to make you appreciate the joys of study.

There’s no shame in changing your career or course plans. You’re still a teenager – it’s ok not to have all the answers straight away. We change our career paths many times in our lives. Why not start now?

Source: Careers New Zealand.


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