The majority of these women are stick thin and are a pretty much unreachable and unrealistic goal for young women and girls around the world to aspire to.

As young girls grow up, I know from experience, we look up to famous women in the media and wonder why we don’t look like that? Then our brain tries to process ways that we can look like that and for many of us that won’t happen.

This unrealistic representation for young girls should be changed because it’s making girls around the world feel inferior and are making them dislike their bodies because they are always comparing themselves to these supermodels.

No matter how many times you tell them not to, they still will because there is a little part in everyone’s brain which makes them wish they looked different in a certain way, whether that be a smaller waist, longer hair, bigger eyes or whatever. It shouldn’t be the case.

Unfortunately there are people out there who are going to try and bring you down but you shouldn’t let them.

Everyone’s body is different and we are all beautiful. It takes a long time to learn to love your body and who you are but once you have that feeling never let it go. Learning to love your body (and yourself) is the most important you can do in your life because it is who you are.

The most important thing to remember when doing this is that everyone is different and that’s what makes everyone beautiful.

You should relish in the fact that you don’t look like everyone else because that is what makes you special. It makes you unique and that is awesome. This goes with the famous saying “You were born an original, don’t die a copy.” This is what I live my life by and I am determined to be my own person and that starts with loving my body and who I am.

I said earlier that there aren’t many people in the media that young women that can look up to but that is slowly changing with more famous women standing up for what they look like and setting amazing examples for young women around the world like Adele, Amy Schumer and Ashley Graham. Of course there are still the super thin supermodels but there are also the plus sized models that are starting to come through to make more relatable role models for young girls and that is amazing to see.

It has meant that all the young girls growing up today and in the future hopefully will have role models that make them feel good  about their bodies instead of feeling inferior and like they have to change who they are.

At the end of the day everyone is beautiful and unique and this should be embraced. Love who you are!



Nicole Ashby Pic 2Author: Nicole Ashby

Nicole Ashby is currently a Year 12 student at Ellesmere College in Leeston, New Zealand. She has always had an interest in writing in classes at school and in her free time. She enjoys writing about things that matter to people her age that they may not know much about or they want to broaden their knowledge on a certain subject. Nicole enjoys writing about things that matter to her and things that she thinks more people should be aware about. When she was 12 she was one of 5 who won a writing competition in Creme magazine about her experience in the earthquakes. She has written pieces for her local newsletter, The Ellesmere Echo, about school events and this year she has taken on the task of being the editor of her school magazine. She also has an interest for design and creating magazine covers and spreads. Nicole looks forward to expanding her writing and creating pieces for people to enjoy.


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