McDonald’s and Uber Eats have teamed up with iconic Kiwi brand Cookie Time to release a limited edition McFlurry.

Thought that was good news enough? You can also order it from your living room: it’s available from 10.30am today on Uber Eats, for one week.

The creation contains tiny crushed pieces of chocolate chip Cookie Time cookie, whipped with McDonald’s classic caramel sauce and soft serve ice cream.

Initial thoughts from the Herald newsroom were positive. While they noted it’s a pretty sweet concoction, the crunchy texture of the cookie with the caramel sauce was a hit.

Our on-camera taste testers Rachel and George agreed the cookie and caramel is a winning combo and rated the ice cream treat a solid eight out of 10.

“It’s awesome to combine two firsts in launching the Cookie Time McFlurry,” says Jo Mitchell, director of marketing at McDonald’s New Zealand.

“Cookie Time cookies are a Kiwi icon and we’ve collaborated to developed a delicious product we know McFlurry and Cookie Time fans alike will love.”

Andy Bowie, NZ Country Manager, Uber Eats reckons the spike in demand for ice cream over summer will mean the Cookie Time McFlurry will be a popular pick: “We see ice cream orders spike during the summer months and on hot days, as Kiwis look to beat the heat with a quick and easy delivery option, so we expect this collaboration to be well-received.”

Speculation was rife on social media last night as Kiwis tried to guess which Kiwi brand was going to get the McFlurry treatment.

Video teasers on the Uber Eats Facebook page hinted at a quintessential Kiwi brand, saying the new mysterious McFlurry will be a “delicious Kiwi classic” made with “an iconic Kiwi product”.

The all-new Cookie Time McFlurry is exclusively available on Uber Eats from 28 November to 4 December 2018, before it arrives in McDonald’s stores across New Zealand from 5 December 2018 for a limited time.

Source: NZ Herald


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