By: Emma Russell

Two weeks ago Matt Aplin took an unexpected life turn.

The former Whanganui High School student quit his day job to start an online business that, if all goes to plan, he could run anywhere in the world.

The 26-year-old said the move was a risk but one he was willing to have a crack at.

“I had been in my job for two years after graduating and I just wasn’t satisfied.”

“The job wasn’t what I wanted to pursue long term and I had a strong desire to travel.”

After graduating from the University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of Commerce in finance, strategy and entrepreneurship, Mr Aplin started working as a management cadet for Metalcraft Engineering.

Working as an understudy to the chief executive, he took on small projects within the company that needed improvement, such as inventory control and updating the website.

Now, he spends most of his days at home or at the New Brighton library working hard to make his dream a reality.

The go-getter said he was targeting small businesses looking to create a “simple and beautiful” online presence.

“The work will involve creating websites, updating and maintaining the business’ online marketing, optimising their search engine, social media and basically completing all the fun online work,” he said.

Mr Aplin said he has already picked up four clients “the old-fashioned way” through word of mouth.

“The dream is I’ll spend the next couple of months building up some clients and hopefully accumulate enough work that I can base myself anywhere in the world.”

His desire to travel stems from a hunger to know more about the world.

“Travel is learning and bettering yourself. It humbles your own and exposes you to different world views.

“I think we can build our own lives into whatever we want them to be. It’s not an easy process but I’m determined so I believe I can earn an income while travelling.”

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Source: Wanganui Chronicle


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