Lorde performs onstage during the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards in California. Photo / Getty

By now, you may have heard of or watched Lorde’s controversial performance at this year’s VMAs: the Kiwi singer didn’t actually sing and, instead, chose to do an interpretative dance of her new single, Homemade Dynamite.

It didn’t exactly go down well. While many applauded her creativity, a large number of Lorde fans who were looking forward to hearing her sing live were disappointed with the performance.

Lorde has explained she was so sick she “needed an IV” so that dance was really the best she could do.

The Royals singer responded to criticism on Instagram, addressing a fan who said he’d been left “disappointed” by her performance.

“Challenge your ideals beyond what’s traditionally good, beautiful or ‘right’ in a context like this,” she posted.

“I think being a fan of my work requires that every week,” she added. “I represent doing things differently, pushing myself, pushing my audience, most importantly making large, sterile spaces feel warm, strange, joyful and idiosyncratic… it may not have been for you this time but I definitely did that last night and I’m psyched about it”.


Source: NZ Herald


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