For a group of young women enrolled in the Working With Children programme at Training For You in Whanganui, the chance to work towards a vocation while gaining credits is the drawcard.

Under the government Youth Guarantee scholarship fund, the scheme is fees-free for young people aged 16 to 19. Those over 20 have other funding options.

Open to all learners who have left high school, the scheme gives participants the opportunity to graduate with NCEA level 2, with a vocational pathway in social and community services.

The programme also offers credits towards a level 3 national certificate in early childhood education and care. Working with children tutor Amy Fitzgerald says the focus in a vocational direction for youth is appealing.

“School leavers understand the importance of gaining NCEA credits, but finally being able to get credits in a specific vocation – that’s a drawcard,” she said.

Mandy Miller is happy to be learning in an environment she feels is a good fit. “It’s easy to learn here, they find out what your learning styles are.

“I looked around at a few courses but this one seemed more appealing to me because it is dealing with kids, and helps get you into a career, with work experience and stuff.”

Mandy was encouraged towards the programme by her friend Mika Gordon.

More information is on the website

Source: Wanganui Chronicle


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