It was an amazing opportunity that taught us all so much and expanded our knowledge of newspapers and media in general.

We learned how a newspaper article develops from a draft piece of writing to a front page story.

We were also taught about how certain writing techniques impact a reader and much more.

It was great to hear about Peter Jackson’s career as a news reporter in Kaitaia, and as a past student of Kaitaia College. We learned a little about what education was like for him.

After listening to him we were taken for a tour through the Northland Age building, where we saw the different stations in charge of the different sections in a newspaper. Peter told us that, as a reporter, he always has to be ready to shoot off in his car if he hears a fire siren (which would probably be a lot, as the fire station is almost next door) or speed off to the beach in a storm.

This experience has greatly increased the knowledge of everyone who went, and we would like to thank the Northland Age, especially Peter Jackson, for taking the time to share his skills and experience with us.

Source: The Northern Advocate


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