After this year we will all be cast out into the world at varying levels of being prepared. Some of us will have clear life plans and ideas for what they want to do with their future but there will also be those people who have absolutely no idea about what they want to do and that is ok as well. There is no point in jumping head first into something that you don’t 100% want to do.

This year is an opportunity to explore the opportunities that are available for all of us after we leave the safe sanctuary of High School. It is also the year to have a bit of fun. You are able to join groups that mean something to you and you will possibly be able to pass on some of the wisdom you have accumulated over your years of being at High School. It is also the year to start applying and preparing yourself for what you want to do after High School.

Applying and preparing for what you want to do after High School can be a daunting process but it can also be exciting. There are people around you including teachers and your family that are more than happy to step in and help you prepare for what you want to do, whether that be applying for University and all of the scholarships and extras that go with that or if it is just trying to find out the possibilities for what you want to do next year. University isn’t the only option; there are a number of other institutions and programmes that can be done if Uni just doesn’t seem right for you. Your teachers are all clued up on these things and are more than happy to help you figure out what it is exactly you want to do.

Don’t forget about school though, this is a BIG year. I thought last year was big but this year is going to be even bigger. So even though we have all of these other exciting things happening and they can be easy to be swept up into it is your studies that are the most important. It is important to have that balance between your hobbies and your studies but don’t let that become unbalanced.

I wish everyone the best in the year ahead whether you are in Year 13 or are coming up through the High School years or have even left and have moved onto bigger and brighter things. I hope everyone has a great year and let’s conquer it together!



Nicole Ashby is currently a Year 12 student at Ellesmere College in Leeston, New Zealand. She has always had an interest in writing in classes at school and in her free time. She enjoys writing about things that matter to people her age that they may not know much about or they want to broaden their knowledge on a certain subject. Nicole enjoys writing about things that matter to her and things that she thinks more people should be aware about. When she was 12 she was one of 5 who won a writing competition in Creme magazine about her experience in the earthquakes. She has written pieces for her local newsletter, The Ellesmere Echo, about school events and this year she has taken on the task of being the editor of her school magazine. She also has an interest for design and creating magazine covers and spreads. Nicole looks forward to expanding her writing and creating pieces for people to enjoy.


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