By River Lin

Well, at least if you’re dining at Brick Burger, a restaurant in Pasig City, the Philippines, that’s found a recipe for success by serving up burger buns shaped like Lego pieces.

Since opening in August 2016, the iconic, edible toy blocks have become a hit with foodies and Lego lovers alike lining up to try the novelty treat.

The nub-topped brick buns come in three different colours – red, yellow, and black – and a variety of different flavours, including the Hulk Buster, Nacho Tuesday and the Star Wars-inspired Darth Burger.

For those with a sweet tooth, the restaurant also offers the brightly-coloured blocks in an ice cream.

Owner Jergs Correa says his love of all things Lego inspired not just the menu but also the décor, with tables stacked full of Lego boxes and figurines and Lego walls.

Giant Lego bricks double as ceiling lights and customers can even tinker with playsets while they wait for their order to arrive.

For more adventurous eaters, the restaurant invites diners to chow down on their largest burger on offer, Lord Business, for a chance to win a free playset and a spot in their Hall of Fame.



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