We may actually have Taylor Swift to thank for this one.

Since Kimye released snippets of that recorded ‘Famous’ phone call, Taylor Swift has copped a lot of hate on social media.

Instagram decided to step up to the mark to protect the pop star from the haters, and Taylor was given a ‘tool’ to help her remove or block any negative or abusive comments on her social media profile.


Well, it’s not just exclusive to T-Swift anymore. Very soon you’re all going to be able to stop the haters from trolling your Insta posts.

Reports from The Washington Post and TechCrunch have revealed the app will soon be enabling us to deny or approve comments to our posts before they appear, and for us to turn off comments completely.

Comments featuring slurs and offensive phrases will also be filtered out on brand and business accounts.

In an online world that has way too much hate, it’s good to see that massive corporations like Instagram are taking the step towards a safer online community!

Source: ZMonline.com


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