New Zealand is not alone in struggling to attract women to the tech industry. Photo / 123RF

NZTech national director of government relations Andrea Hancox says the entire world is struggling to attract and retain women in the tech industry.

The Ministry of Women has released a Decoding Diversity guide, aimed at attracting and retaining women to study technology. It will be available to secondary school teachers, lecturers, community group leaders, employers, career advisors, recruitment personnel, industry professionals, students and parents.

“Studies show more diverse organisations deliver better revenue and profitability, a clear sign tech is a great career for women.

“Tech companies often don’t reflect the customers they are trying to sell to and therefore under-represent their reach and capabilities,” Hancox said.

More women working in technology will make a huge economic difference to New Zealand, Hancox said.

“The business case for greater gender balance is strong. Tech firms that have equal number of women and men are up to 40 per cent more profitable. Women make up 51 per cent of the population.”

Girl Boss New Zealand founder Alexia Hilbertidou believes the resource, which offers tangible advice for educators, is a fantastic way to help get women into tech.

“Engaging women in other unrepresented groups is STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – fields is instrumental to address outcomes and inequalities in New Zealand, so I think it’s fantastic that this report reflects that.”

Hilbertidou said the research was great, but the next step was to put it into action.

NZTech, NZRise, the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment and the Ministry for Women are set to release a campaign encouraging women into tech careers.

NZTech chief executive Graeme Muller said it was vital for New Zealand’s economic future that more women participated fully in technology.

“The first challenge is to inspire and excite more students, parents, teachers and principals about digital technology and the opportunities it creates for fulfilling careers.”

Source: NZ Herald


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