The job is suited to people who are precise and detail-oriented, and who want to help and advise people on their health.

Average pay

$45k for pharmacy graduates completing their registration year.

$50k-$75k for pharmacists with one to five years’ experience.

$75k-$105k for pharmacists with more than five years’ experience.

You need to complete a Bachelor of Pharmacy which you can do at the University of Auckland or the University of Otago. You will gain practical experience in a mandatory internship of one year which can either be done in a hospital or a community pharmacy. The last step to become a pharmacist is to register with the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand.

What education is required?

You need a tertiary entrance qualification to start a course at university. Relevant subjects for this career path are biology, chemistry, health, maths and physics.

Other things you need to know

If you want to work as a pharmacist it is essential that you work carefully and accurately as the job comes along with a high responsibility.

Since you will be working with customers, it is essential to have excellent communication skills, listen carefully to what customers say and be able to explain complex instructions. You also have to be careful to keep people’s information confidential.

As a pharmacist you’ll need to be able to work in a team and to manage and train staff.

In this job you usually work regular business hours.

Where could I work?

Most pharmacists work in community pharmacies, but you could also work in hospitals, for universities and polytechnics or in the pharmaceutical industry.

Source: YUDU


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