Who’s suited to being a midwife?   

A career as a midwife could be suitable for you if you enjoy working with people and want to support women and their families during pregnancy, labour and birth.

Average pay

$49k – $115k

To work as a midwife you’ll need to obtain a Bachelor of Midwifery, a three-year programme combining theory and practice. It is possible to complete parts of the degree through distance learning.

You will also need to be registered with the Midwifery Council of New Zealand.

What education is required?

To enter tertiary training you will need NCEA Level 3.

Subjects that are helpful for this career are English, te reo Māori, biology, chemistry, maths, and health education.

Other things you need to know

As a midwife you have to be patient and caring and show good communication skills. As unexpected problems might arise during labour it is necessary to be able to work under pressure and stay calm in emergencies.

You should be reasonably fit and healthy and have a good level of stamina. The role might require you to do shift work and be on call for extended periods.

You are not allowed to have certain serious convictions when you want to work as a midwife.

Where could I work?

Midwives can be employed by public hospitals, private hospitals and birthing units, but it is also possible to have a career as a self-employed midwife.

Some midwives work in training roles in the education sector.

The demand for midwives is currently especially high in Auckland, where there is a high birth rate, so it’s a career in which you should find many employment opportunities.

Source: YUDU


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