The interview process has changed a lot over recent times and there are many different formats a job interview can take.  Additionally, there is also a lot more complexity to the interview process and employers now expect a lot more from you (the candidate) in an interview.

Competition for jobs has become increasingly stiff, and the introduction of online applications has meant that recruiters and hiring managers are now filtering through a higher number and calibre of applications than ever before.

Getting an interview is an achievement in itself. Only a small proportion of applicants are selected for interview (often about 10%) so you have already made a more positive impression than many to get to this stage.

If you have been invited to attend job interviews and are consistently not hearing back, or progressing through to a job offer, then that’s a sure sign that your interview skills are not where they need to be in today’s competitive market.

If you are entering the workforce for the first time, then it’s even more critical that you interview well, because you very likely don’t have the experience to call upon and support your application.

With the ability for you to be able to articulate your work experiencing having a greater level of importance than the actual experience, I ask the question – who has taught you how to interview?  Has anyone spent one on one time with you practising and refining your interview skills by providing feedback, guidance and support?

With training and access to the right tools and support, you can present yourself as a highly effective candidate and nail that interview.  The key to a successful job interview is preparation and practice.

Don’t let a shoddy or unprepared job interview sabotage your ability to get the job that you have worked so hard to get.




Lyndal-4 (2)Author: Lyndal Clark

Lyndal Clark is a highly knowledgeable and approachable Career Coach at My Coach, and is well known for her ability to relate to and interact effectively with young adults.  With significant experience in HR, Recruiting, Training and Employment Coaching, Lyndal is extremely successful in helping young adults transition into employment.

My Coach provides expert coaching in all areas of employment including creating compelling cover letters and stand-out CV’s and provides tailored 1:1 interview training and support. For further information:, or email


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