Shayne had never considered being a chiropractor until one fateful day when she suffered serious injuries in a car accident. The injuries failed to heal properly so Shayne decided that it was time to visit a chiropractor. As a result, her body and mindset changed – she was sleeping better, had more energy and had a more positive outlook on her life.

Prior to the accident, Shayne, an Australian, had dreams of becoming a sports journalist because of her passion for sport and exercise, but after experiencing how chiropractic transformed her life, she decided on a career path that moved her across the Tasman. Following high school, she studied anatomy and physiology in Queensland before enrolling in the prestigious New Zealand College of Chiropractic.

“The college is actually one of the best colleges in the world. I came over from Australia in 2010 to study specifically at this college. I had five schools to choose from in Australia but the New Zealand college is the bomb, then I fell in love with New Zealand so I stayed here to practice.”

While studying at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, Shayne also took up a two-year internship at a practice, assisting full-time chiropractors and experiencing first-hand the job requirements before she finished her five years of study. The study was long and at times it was difficult to stay motivated, she says, but her passion for helping people in the same position that she had been in kept her going.

“It’s not just about the academics, it’s a lifestyle, it’s like a family. You learn about yourself, you’ve got opportunities for professional development. Academically, [each year is] quite a big year – we start earlier and finish later than normal university students.”

Following her graduation from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, Shayne began working as an associate chiropractor at a small practice in Auckland. She has been there ever since and has developed even more love for the profession.

“Seeing fellow human beings transform – their health, their mindset, their mentality – to be the best that they can be unfolds before you. Realising their true potential – that’s the best thing.”

Shayne acknowledges that many people don’t understand the health philosophy of chiropractic. “A lot of people think it’s just whack, crack and you’re on your way, but there’s more of a holistic approach to correcting someone’s alignment.”

Now 33, Shayne hopes to open up her own practice within the next two years.

For those interested in becoming a chiropractor, Shayne advises that having an interest in health and a passion for helping people to better their health will serve them well.

“As you will be dealing with all sorts of patients for a living, you’ve got to have good communication skills, but advice is one thing and experience is another. Getting yourself out there in the field is the best way to learn, so be proactive and get a bit of a taste of what is in store.

“Find a chiropractor and contact them to tell them you’re interested. Chiropractors are really open to observation so you can shadow them for the day and experience the practice. Contact your local chiropractor to learn more.”

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