I’m a reeeeal snob when it comes to television. I simply can’t stand probably 90% of what’s out there. To save you all the time of trial and error of series pilots, here are the best.

Game of Thrones: Firstly, you need help if you haven’t watched this show or you don’t love this show. Secondly, I have never been more obsessed with anything in my life. I avoided it for so long because dragons and sword fights sounded more or less ridiculous. However, one episode in I found myself in a 5-week binge of every episode and I can now practically speak Dothraki. I cry when I hear the theme song and have read every fan theory there ever was to exist. You need to watch all seasons to lead a happy healthy life, I’m on round two.

Homeland: This is a far more realistic show than GOT, but it isn’t any less amazing. I’ll admit, the show peaks around season 3 however in those three seasons, my life was changed.  I’d say this is an amped up, way cooler version of Criminal Minds, but with terrorists and an even smarter team of people. I find myself googling how to become a CIA agent after every episode.

Orphan Black: SO scary, but SO weird and addictive. I hated the show at first because it was sketchy and the music made me feel anxious, but after season 2 I was ride or die. If you love scary, you’ll love this.

How to get away with murder: The title of this show is so literal I was actually surprised. There is another ruthless turn every episode- you’ll hardly be able to catch a damn break but oh my, it is worth it. I’m on to season 2 and can’t believe they’re not running out of plot twists because I’m running out of breath!!!

Narcos: Watch this for season 2, me jaw was on the floor.

Others that didn’t make my top 5 but are still good:

  • Stranger Things  (A+)
  • Peaky Blinders (A)
  • The Blacklist (B)
  • Vikings (C)
  • Suits (C)




Author: Miah Kennett – Editor, JETmag

I cannot write an accurate bio because I like just about everything… which makes it bloody hard for me to settle down, or make any form of decision actually. I ALWAYS bite off more than I can chew and I LOVE it, even though I know I’m a hot mess. I’m very sensitive, get excited WAY too easily, have an irrational fear of crocodiles, and I watch a Disney movie at least once a week.


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