This is way more fun before you turn 18. I’m going to admit… I definitely did my fair share of underage drinking and somehow the very second I turned 18 I couldn’t think of anything worse than hitting a club. SO, my (very wise) advice to you is to start AFTER you are of age so you can keep up with everyone else who was sensible.

Weight Loss

Laxatives and tea and waist trainers are a ‘no thank you’ from me, and I’m maybe one of the top 2 gullible people on earth, the other being this chick:


I’ll believe an infomercial if it told me I could blow my nose and lose a kilo. I lost heaps of weight by going to the gym (like 12kg), and although the laziest person there, I somehow managed to shed fat like hair. To be honest, it took way longer than I thought to see any results. My advice: skinny tea doesn’t work, fat burners harm your liver, and ab’s are simply made in the kitchen. I lost weight by working out.

To young mums

I have more than one friend who’ve had babies young and who’ve done remarkable jobs. My mum was 19 when she had me and I’m as normal as they come. A blogger I like is ‘Young Mama Drama’ on Facebook. She embodies young mum life and while I can’t give advice from experience, I just want to say, you’re awesome and no different than any other mum out there.


Here’s a fun story, I had a time test on the programme AutoCAD last week where we had a certain time to draw up floor plans, and elevations to scale. It was like 5 minutes in and I look around to see everyone else was virtually finished and I wasn’t even half way. I burst into tears (so embarrassed now I realize how ridic and irrational it was) because I thought I was the dumbest person in the class and the teacher would think I was crazy. He let me leave the room THANK GOD and the first thing I did was go get a cup of tea. Chamomile tea works wonders when I’m trying to calm down. When I have panic attacks (I know not everyone is the same) I have to talk about it, even if it’s a random, or in this case my teacher. Always try and verbalize what you are panicking about, sometimes hearing it out loud will help you see it’s irrelevance and in turn settle you down.

Anyway, if you have any questions or need any advice you want me to write about, send a mail to the Facebook page and I’ll do some more of these. I hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying the Olympics as much as I am! (GO NZ)


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