My first job… I was 16 and I had just started waitressing nights at a local restaurant. That was terrifying and so tiring in itself, when the opportunity for work experience at JETMag came along.

Obviously (although already juggling 68 other things) I jumped at the chance. Although the tasks were small and not rocket science, I was so proud of myself and SO GLAD I did it because I’ve been the editor now for the past 3 years and LOVE it. I guess I’m a bloody firm believer in when opportunity knocks you take it.

I have been lucky, I’ll admit that it’s not as easy for everyone. My first boss as the Editor of JETmag was a legend and I honestly have so much respect for her. She was a leader, she gave guidance rather than demands, mentored, and had complete faith and trust in my ability. This was amazing for me and helped me to grow not only as a professional, but as an individual.

I have suffered from NEXT LEVEL anxiety my entire life and believe me when I say- the people around you play a massive part in how you feel. This is amplified in the workplace. If you love who you work with and who you work for- you’re not really working, simply earning. My first boss boosted my confidence and enabled me to continuing chasing my dreams, when anyone else would have looked at this 16 year old girl and gone ‘wtf, you are certainly not capable of writing a publication’.

This has been invaluable to me as I truly believe your first boss shapes you. Shout out to Bron at NZME <3

I hope that once all of you that start chasing your dreams after school, you get a boss like mine- “A leader”. That might even be you one day. Assert your self, trust in your ability and reach for the stars. We will encounter both bosses and leaders on our journey through life- but it’s how you adapt, react, and prove yourself which really speaks volumes.

We have a heap of resources on finding a job, writing cv’s and virtually everything you need to know about entering the workforce. Good luck and, we are here to help you!



Author: Miah Kennett – Editor, JETmag

I cannot write an accurate bio because I like just about everything… which makes it bloody hard for me to settle down, or make any form of decision actually. I ALWAYS bite off more than I can chew and I LOVE it, even though I know I’m a hot mess. I’m very sensitive, get excited WAY too easily, have an irrational fear of crocodiles, and I watch a Disney movie at least once a week.


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