Other than it being an absolutely beautiful vacay destination, I find it hard to envisage living there as a young adult. Firstly, minimum wage is $6 an hour. A local told me you’d be absolutely balling to land a job paying $15.25- the minimum wage in NZ.  Prices of our everyday luxuries go for around double on the islands- a box of cereal was $12.

Unless you own your own business, it’s not an easy gig, even just to feed yourself properly. One thing my eyes were opened to however is the local business industry and how important it is to the economy. I firmly believe that if our entire economy were made up of small, privately owned businesses- life would be so simple. You’d get out what you put in, and only do what you love. If a small business gained more support, they’d be able to pay their employees adequately, and working for you would become more and more popular.

I’ve never been more inspired to work for myself (don’t worry JETmag, not just yet), because in the scheme of things so much of our lives are spent working, and it’s usually under someone else who is making twice as much from us even being there.

My message from all of this is to get creative with ways to make money- not everyone has to have the minimum wage, uniform wearing, mundane first job that they actually hate. Do you like baking? Painting? Performing? Head to a market, advertise your skill, be yourself!

Author: Miah Kennett – Editor, JETmag

I cannot write an accurate bio because I like just about everything… which makes it bloody hard for me to settle down, or make any form of decision actually. I ALWAYS bite off more than I can chew and I LOVE it, even though I know I’m a hot mess. I’m very sensitive, get excited WAY too easily, have an irrational fear of crocodiles, and I watch a Disney movie at least once a week.


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