I’m thinking of the classic examples of superstition, like opening an umbrella inside, or breaking a mirror, or walking underneath a ladder- and I just think it’s ridiculous! However, I wanted to explore this and see how this may affect us in the workplace.

Firstly, superstition is the belief in a supernatural entity, which leads one event to cause another without any physical, natural, or logical process linking the two!

Many overseas countries are so accustomed to superstition, that countless rituals and routines are carried out in workplaces in a bid for good luck. The question is whether or not here in New Zealand we subconsciously use the same techniques. Have a read and see if you can relate to any of the following workplace superstitions!

Clothing: On days that are important, it is supposedly common to make a point of not wearing black, and to keep a lucky item of clothing reserved for these days. This one I don’t think is so common where we live, but might be nice for a little reassurance! (I always wear black)

“Everything happens for a reason”: I am SO guilty of this one. Whenever anything not so good occurs I use this quote. Sometimes, this can be comforting and actually work in your favour. But, according to experts this can actually inhibit you from fighting your way out of bad situations in the workplace! This one is personal, but I think as Kiwi’s we are fairly optimistic and guilty of being not so rational sometimes. A better thing to say is “some things happen for a reason.”

Never drink the last cup of coffee: Apparently it’s poisonous? (I would never let a cup of coffee go to waste).

Licking your finger before touching any paper will prevent papercuts: This explains why I see people doing this all the time! I thought it was so the paper would stick and pick up easily… maybe this one has a dual purpose? I like it.

It is really bad luck to walk away from a jammed printer or photocopier: I think we are all guilty of this, have you experienced bad luck though?

It’s bad luck to answer the phone on the first ring, and even worse luck to answer on the fifth: Conclusion, you have to pick up on the second, third, or fourth ring to be safe from doom. Wtf.

I’ll admit, I don’t think a wee ornament kept on your desk or in your pocket is outrageous, I just don’t know if the effects are worth taking more extreme measures for things to go your way “in theory”.  I’d like to know what your workplace superstitions are, actially your superstitions in general! Facebook us at JETmag.



Author: Miah Kennett – Editor, JETmag

I cannot write an accurate bio because I like just about everything… which makes it bloody hard for me to settle down, or make any form of decision actually. I ALWAYS bite off more than I can chew and I LOVE it, even though I know I’m a hot mess. I’m very sensitive, get excited WAY too easily, have an irrational fear of crocodiles, and I watch a Disney movie at least


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